PlayStation Move Launches This Weekend for the PlayStation 3

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PlayStation MoveSony's PlayStation Move is shipping to stores in North America and will be available, at the latest, on Sunday. This motion-sensitive controller system for the PlayStation 3 requires the PlayStation Eye camera to support full motion-capture in games. Plus, it has a nifty-glowing ball thingie at the end of the controller that can change color. Read on for pricing and bundle options.
Sony is offering a variety of bundles in North America for the PlayStation Move, including:
  • $50 gets you the stand-alone PlayStation Move wand-like controller.
  • $30 gets you the stand-alone "Navigation Controller" (the part with the analog stick that lets you move around and works a lot like the Wii Nunchuk).
  • $100 gets you the PlayStation Move Bundle, including the PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye, a copy of Sports Champions and a demo disc.
  • $400 gets you everything in the PlayStation Move Bundle, plus a 320 GB model PlayStation 3 console.

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