Xbox Live Emulates What You Hate About Cable Television

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MicrosoftIf you're still one of the folks that subscribe to television, you understand the dilemma. You have to subscribe to bundles of channels so that your cable provider can pay the licensing fees for all the channels it offers. Perhaps you love sports programming, but can't stand the fact that you also have to get cooking and classic movie channels. Or perhaps you love science fiction (oops... we mean "Sy"ence "Fy"ction) and comedy but hate sports. You don't have a choice but to pay for the whole shebang. Starting November 1, Xbox Live will cost you an additional $10 annually (more if you purchase shorter subscription periods), and in return you can watch ESPN content if you could already watch it on your PC with your broadband connection. Frankly, this sucks. Even if you've never played a Madden game or watched a hockey game, you'll be paying extra for content you don't want.

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