Neverwinter Announcement Tries to Avoid Provoking Turbine

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Cryptic StudiosAtari and Cryptic Studios made an interesting announcement today. The two companies confirmed the long-rumored project that will result in a Dungeons & Dragons-based game in late 2011. Read on to learn why you (and Turbine) might be curious about this Neverwinter announcement:
As you've probably figured out, we haven't been covering much in the way of announcements of games in development. What makes this announcement interesting isn't that Cryptic and Atari plan to release Neverwinter, an online, co-operative role-playing game set in Wizards of the Coast's (owned by Hasbro) D&D universe. What's interesting isn't even the tie-in novels from R.A. Salvatore or the related tabletop game. What's interesting is the studious way in which the press release avoid "Massively Multiplayer," "MMOG" or similar labels.

Instead, the game is described as an "online roleplaying game" in which players "team up with friends... to form five-person co-op groups." That's in line with previous Neverwinter Nights games, including a scenario editor for user-generated content, but suggests Atari is eager to avoid further legal entanglements with Turbine.

In August of last year, Turbine sued Atari for $30 million for attempting to terminate its agreement to publish Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online. The Neverwinter announcement appears clearly structured to avoid provoking Turbine or appearing to be an MMOG, even though the substance of the announcement could easily allow for a very MMOG-style game.

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