A Light Week of Nintendo Downloads for the Wii and DSi

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NintendoNintendo has a light downloadable release this week, with one downloadable game for the Wii and three downloadable titles for the DSi:
Cosmos X2 from Saturnine Games can be downloaded to the DSi for 500 points ($5). The game has players blasting their way through six levels to reach the alien home world and avert an alien invasion.

Music On: Learning Piano from Abylight can be downloaded to the DSi for 200 points ($2). The game has players operating a piano keyboard on the touchscreen to play 15 classic pieces, accompanied by a full (synthesized) orchestra.

myNotebook: Pearl from Nnooo can be downloaded to the DSi for 500 points ($5). The game allows DSi owners to take notes on a variety of page styles.

Tales of Elastic Boy - Mission 1 from Lexis Numerique can be downloaded to the Wii for 600 points ($6). This platformer uses the Wii remote to manipulate Elastic Boy's stretchy arms to swing across gaps or punch enemies.

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