Too Hot For a Mouse

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Rude Gameware Fierce Teflon & SteelRude Gameware has launched its Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface through its own website, promising the mouse pad will be available in stores shortly. Rude Gameware continues to have some of the more entertaining marketing, anticipating an exciting 4th of July weekend by showing how their precision Teflon mousing surface can be used for grilling. We'd guess that the rubber base wouldn't survive the experience, and burned burger drippings might ruin your Left 4 Dead 2 game, but we love the picture. Rude was kind enough to also provide the legal disclaimer stating, in part, "Rude Gameware would like to additionally note that using the Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface to grill and then to game is downright stupid, and whoever tries it deserves whatever happens as a result. Lastly, Rude Gameware does not guarantee the deliciousness of any foods cooked on the Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface."

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