Sony Online Entertainment Introduces Parallel EverQuest II Extended Experience

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Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed rumors that EverQuest II might be going free-to-play, but not in the way people expected. EverQuest II will continue to operate as a subscription-based massively multiplayer online game, but Sony Online Entertainment plans to introduce EverQuest II Extended, with a beta test launching around August 17. EverQuest II Extended will operate as a parallel game, as illustrated here, EverQuest II Extended will have access to certain basic services and character races, with subscriptions or premium fees unlocking further options. Sony Online Entertainment claims to be introducing the parallel program to avoid alienating existing subscribing players, however, given that EverQuest II subscribers will receive benefits in the Extended version, FI wonders how long the original EverQuest II will operate before being consolidated with EverQuest II Extended.

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