Sony Sets Move Date and Launches PlayStation Plus Premium Service

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At Sony's E3 event in Los Angeles today, the company added details to several expected announcements, including naming a date and price for the PlayStation Move accessories and a premium PlayStation Network service. Read on for more details:
The biggest announcement from Sony's E3 event was the release date and pricing for the PlayStation Move motion controller. On September 19 of this year, Sony plans to sell the PlayStation Move. The controller will be released as a bundle that will include the game compilation Sports Champions, a PlayStation Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a demo disc for $100. Stand-alone controllers will be available for $50, just as the supplemental navigation controller will be available for $30. The controller will also be featured in bundles with new PlayStation 3 hardware.

The other big (and widely expected) announcement is that Sony is launching a new tier of PlayStation Network service called "PlayStation Plus." This new tier of PlayStation Network service will be available on June 29 and will cost $50 per year. It will include discounts on PlayStation Store content, selected "free" games and game demos. Access to some of these "free" games may only be for a limited period of time, after which the game would need to be purchased.

Sony highlighted the recent introduction of Stereoscopic 3D, pointing out that four games already support the 3D effect, and that many more premier titles will also do so in the near future. FI is sure that this is a welcome relief to the tiny percentage of gamers who own a stereoscopic 3D-capable television and the associated glasses.

Finally, Sony highlighted the expected selection of exclusive and high-profile games for the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

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