Nintendo Hypes 3DS and Upcoming Games at E3

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NintendoNintendo's E3 conference fits the continuing trend of focusing on style of substance. The theme of the press conference seemed to be a cry of "We still have games core gamers might be interested in!" Yes, there was a big (and expected) 3D hardware announcement, but Nintendo primarily focused on games. Read on for more details:
Nintendo, in its press conference, seemed eager to distance itself from the massive pile of shovelware that bridges the gap between the casual Wii Sports and the few core games that have been released on its console, emphasizing that the Wii will have some solid upcoming titles. As a result, the next Zelda game (due in 2011) received a good twenty minute showing, along with the more casual upcoming Wii Party, Kirby's Epic Yarn, a new Donkey Kong game and Disney: Epic Mickey (a game that will feature Mickey Mouse exploring Disney films and theme park locations). Much of the highlighted software, such as Metroid: Other M has been previously announced, and while I'm excited to engage in multiplayer battles as Oddjob, it's hard to get worked up over a new GoldenEye when it's going to have Wii graphics.

Yes, Nintendo hyped the upcoming Nintendo 3DS as an alternative to expensive investments in televisions and glasses, hyping the handheld console's lack of a need for glasses. The company showed the handheld (the upper screen has a 3.5" display and the lower screen is touch-sensitive) and the unit includes a slider to adjust perceived 3D depth. The unit, as expected, has two cameras, allowing the device to capture 3D images as well as display them. Nintendo even mentioned that 3D movies such as How to Train Your Dragon will appear on the device. (Truthfully, Nintendo didn't say the deal was finalized, but is showing such films on the DS, making the deal a foregone conclusion.)

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