More Downloadable Games Released for the Wii and DSi

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NintendoNintendo has released a new selection of downloadable games for the Wii and DSi, including:
Chess Challenge! from Digital Leisure can be downloaded to the DSi or Wii for 500 points ($5). The game allows players to compete in chess matches against the AI or other players.

Earthworm Jim has been released by Gameloft for the DSi, bringing the SNES platformer to the DSi for 500 points ($5).

Flips: The Enchanted Wood from Electronic Arts can be downloaded to the DSi for 500 points ($5). This interactive story has three children meeting magical characters and exploring strange lands such as Toyland and the Land of Take What You Want.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations from Capcom can be downloaded to the Wii for 1,000 points ($10). This, the third game in the Ace Attorney franchise, can now be downloaded and played on the Wii.

Photo Dojo is a free download for the DSi through June 10. Thereafter, this game in which players use the DSi camera and microphone to insert themselves into the game will cost 200 points ($2).

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