More Downloadable Games Reach the Xbox 360

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More downloadable games are now available for the Xbox 360 through Xbox Live Arcade, including:
Raystorm HD from Taito (part of Square Enix) can be downloaded to the Xbox 360 for 1,200 points ($15). This classic arcade-shooter features the original game with updated graphics.

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition from Atlus and developed by Ace Team can be downloaded to the Xbox 360 for 1,200 points ($15). This version of the game adds plenty of enhancements (graphics, interface, content and more) to the original Zeno Clash, allowing Xbox 360 owners to experience first-person fighting in this punk-themed fantasy world.

Also available this week are a new selection of games for the Game Room, including several new Atari, Konami, Intellivision and Activision classic arcade games.

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