United States Supreme Court to Review California Violent Video Game Law

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The State of California has been involved in a long-running battle to enact a "Violent Video Game Law" that would block the sale of violent video games (and games with certain other content) to minors. The 2005 bill (AB 1179) was championed by State Senator Leland Yee and ultimately signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger. The law was struck down by the courts as unconstitutional. Now the Supreme Court has decided to hear California's appeal to keep and enact the law:
While a lower court (the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals) determined that the California law violated free speech provisions of the Constitution, the Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to review California's law. State Senator Yee is hopeful that the supreme court will view the California law as narrowly tailored enough to withstand First Amendment criticisms.

Our view (and the hope of the Entertainment Software Association) is that the Supreme Court will be able to conclude that games are protected speech, and will at least conclude that the California law is unconstitutional, making it far more difficult for lawmakers to propose such bills in the future.

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