Annual Game Developer Salary Survey Released

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Game Developer Research (part of UBM TechWeb and related to Game Developer magazine) released its annual Game Developer Salary Survey, determining that the average member of the videogame industry earned $75,573 in 2009, down from $79,000 in 2008. By job function:
Artists and Animators averaged $71,071 in 2009.

Programmers averaged $80,320 in 2009.

Audio staff, including sound designers and composers, earned an average of $82,085 in 2009.

Business and Marketing staff averaged $96,408, although that includes PR and Marketing (who earned an average of $83,804) and executives who earned an average of $129,167.

Game Designers averaged $69,266, with writers (a subset of this category) making on average $61,859 in 2009.

Production staff earned an average of $75,082 in 2009.

Quality Assurance testers earned an average of $37,905 in 2009.

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