Harmonix Prepared to Make Money off Your Music

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Harmonix, part of MTV Games, is continuing its quest to make Rock Band the method by which you get new music. Harmonix has launched the "Rock Band Network" beta, allowing musicians to introduce new tracks for Rock Band that (if approved) will be sold in the Rock Band store.
To be able to participate (more details are available at the Rock Band Creator's Club site), participants need an Xbox Live Gold subscription and an XNA Creator's Club membership ($99 per year). If uploaded songs pass the review process, they can then be added to the RBN store, and the uploading artist gets 30% of the purchase price. Top tracks may also be released by Harmonix onto the PlayStation 3 and Wii.

This is a good way for aspiring artists to get noticed and make a small amount of money, but it's an even better deal for Harmonix. Not only does Harmonix ensure that Rock Band remains a medium through which gamers discover new music, but they retain significant additional income for substantially less work.

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