More Downloadable Games Reach the PlayStation Store

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A lot of games available through the PlayStation Store have gone on sale this week, but Sony has also released a number of new downloadable games for the PlayStation 3 and PSP. Games newly available this week include:
Aedis Eclipse can be downloaded to the PSP for $10 and is a strategy game in which players can craft items for their teams.

Battle Fantasia is a fighting game with role-playing game elements from Aksys that was previously released for the Xbox 360. The game can be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $20.

Bowling 3D is a PSP Mini game available for download to the PSP for $5. Obviously, it is a bowling game.

Football Manager Handheld 2010 can be downloaded to the PSP for $24. The game allows players to manage a soccer team and lead it to victory.

Me & My Katamari can be downloaded to the PSP for $20, allowing PSP owners to grow their Katamari by rolling up all the objects in the world.

The PixelJunk 3-in-1 Pack is now available for the PlayStation 3. It's a bundle that can be downloaded for $20 that includes PixelJunk Racers, PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Eden.

Polar Panic from Valcon Games can be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 for $10. The game includes 50 puzzles in which a bear pushes ice blocks around a polar environment to trap enemies and solve puzzles. It also includes a variety of multiplayer modes.

Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign can be downloaded to the PSP for $10. This is a tower defense game in which players defend against bug-like creatures that are the immune system for living planets humanity would like to mine.

Wing Commander IV, released on the original PlayStation, can now be downloaded to the PlayStation 3 or PSP for $6. The game is a space-combat simulation with arcade-style controls.

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