FTC Releases Study on Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children

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The Federal Trade Commission released its annual report on the marketing of violent entertainment to children. Needless to say, the FTC and the video game industry had slightly different spins on the report. The Entertainment Software Association (an industry trade group) focused on the areas in which the responsible marketing of video games outpaces that of music and movies. The FTC noted that "the video game and movie industries can do more to limit ad placement on Web sites that disproportionately attract children and teens."
The FTC report said that "Of the three entertainment sectors, the electronic game industry continues to have the strongest self-regulatory code." The FTC also discovered that around 80% of underage shoppers attempting to purchase M-rated games were denied, although Toys 'R Us was the worst enforcer, denying only 56% of shoppers. This denial rate is similar to last year's results, but vastly improved from 2000, when 85% of underage shoppers were able to purchase M-rated games.

To get these results, the FTC had 250 13- to 16-year-olds attempt to purchase games at stores, with a number of shoppers proportionate to that retailer's market share.

The FTC's main recommendation concerning electronic games was that the "...industry should include content descriptors with the rating on the front panel of game packaging..."

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