Many More Downloadable Games Available for the Wii and DSi

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NintendoNintendo has released four more downloadable games for the Wii and two more downloadable games for the DSi:
Ghost Mansion Party from Gameloft can be downloaded to the Wii for 1,000 points ($10). The game has players helping a ghost who has been locked out of his mansion by evil spirits. Players then travel around a board activating mini-games and challenges to help the trapped ghost and unlock a treasure.

Golden Axe is a port of the classic game from Sega and can be downloaded for 900 points ($9). This side-scrolling brawler has players fighting the forces of the fearsome Death Adder, ultimately acquiring fire-breathing mounts to assist them in their quest.

PictureBook Games: The Royal Bluff can be downloaded to the DSi for 500 points. The game has players competing to guess which colors their opponents control and giving clues by playing chips and cards.

Sudoku from EA can be downloaded to the DSi for 200 points ($2). This is yet another version of the popular number puzzle.

Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 3 - Lair of the Leviathan from Telltale Games can be downloaded to the Wii for 1,000 points ($10). This third adventure in the revised Tales of Monkey Island series has Guybrush Threepwood trapped in the belly of a giant manatee, searching for La Esponja Grande.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors from LucasArts can be downloaded to the Wii for 800 points ($8). This classic game has players taking on the role of a kid stuck in a world of attacking creatures from B-movies.

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