EA Adds Dragon Age to Plans to Monetize Used Game Sales and Rentals

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Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts continues with its plan to monetize some of the income lost to used game sales and rentals. Clearly, EA intends to ensure that new games come with a one-time code for downloadable content, forcing renters and used purchasers to pay additional fees if they want the same experience as new game purchasers. Earlier this week, EA released NBA Live 10 with a feature that would cost secondary purchasers $15. Today, EA announced similar features for the upcoming role-playing game from BioWare, Dragon Age:
When Dragon Age is released, new copies will include a download code for "The Stone Prisoner," including hours of quests and an additional party member (a stone golem). Those who purchase used copies or rent the game will need to pay $15 to experience the same content. New users will also get a set of Blood Dragon Armor for extra protection.

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