More Downloadable Games Available for the DSi and Wii

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NintendoThe fact that it is the Labor Day holiday here in the United States hasn't stopped Nintendo from releasing its usual slate of Monday downloadable games:
ColorZ is a game from Exkee that can be downloaded to the Wii for 700 points ($7). The game has players clearing diseases from various planets by absorbing viruses the same color as the player's ship. Teams of up to three players can work together to save the universe.

Contra Rebirth can be downloaded to the Wii for 1,000 points ($10) and takes players into the world of Konami's classic arcade shooters. In this installment, the Neo-Salamander Force has travelled back in time to invade Earth in the year 1973.

Clubhouse Games Express: Family Favorites can be downloaded to the DSi for 500 points ($5). This collection of games includes Dominoes, Dots and Boxes and three card games.

Super Return of the Jedi is a port of the version released for the SNES that can be downloaded to the Wii for 80 points ($8). The game has players battling as five different characters from the Star Wars film against the worst villains the Empire has to offer.

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