Action Games Improve Contrast Sensitivity, Have Potential to Treat Certain Neurological Disorders

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A study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience demonstrates that playing action-oriented videogames can improve contrast sensitivity (the ability to detect subtle differences in shading), suggesting that video games can be a tool for improving eyesight for professionals such as pilots or helping those with impaired vision.
Not only were expert action gamers better able to recognize a low-contrast gray-scale area on a computer screen, but non-gamers were able to improve their contrast sensitivity by playing games. Non-gamers playing 50 hours of action-oriented games improved their contrast sensitivity by 43-58%, while non-gamers playing an equal amount of slower paced games did not see such improvement.

The study, "Enhancing the contrast sensitivity function through action video game training," demonstrates that anyone's contrast sensitivity can be improved through the play of action games, but also that certain neurological disorders could potentially be treated through the play of action-oriented video games.

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