Classic Sega Games Reach Xbox Live Arcade

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Microsoft has released a slew of classic Sega games as downloads today through Xbox Live Arcade:
Altered Beast is the classic side-scrolling action game in which players can transform into powerful animals, and is available for 400 points ($5)

Comix Zone has players controlling Sketch, an artist who finds himself battling baddies inside a comic book. The game can be downloaded for 400 points ($5).

Gunstar Heroes is another side-scrolling action game that can be downloaded for 400 points ($5). The classic game has players battling to rescue an older brother and, incidentally, save the world.

Phantasy Star II is Sega's epic role-playing game in which players battle the Dark Force that plagues the Algol Star System. The game can be downloaded for 400 points ($5).

Shinobi is yet another classic Sega game available for 400 points ($5) and has players hurling shuriken as a ninja out to save the kidnapped children of his clan.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is a port of Sonic's third adventure in which he races to keep Chaos Emeralds out of Dr. Eggman's clutches. As with today's other Sega ports, the game costs 400 points ($5).

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