Bayonetta Preview

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Bayonetta Publisher: Sega
Developer: PlatinumGames

Platforms: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Official Site:

Bayonetta is a witch who holds sway over demonic powers, but that's probably not the first thing you notice about her. The skin-tight body stocking might be. Perhaps the almost fetishistic focus on thick-rimmed glasses and piled-up hair that flows out to support Bayonetta's witchly powers would be the first thing to catch your attention. Of course, if you aren't distracted by the dramatically underdressed schoolmarmish sexpot who fills the titular role of Bayonetta, you'd notice that she's so well armed she even has guns strapped to the back of her platform heels.

Projected Release: Late 2009
Kyle Ackerman

BayonettaBayonetta is Hideki Kamiya's latest directorial outing, and given his previous work on Devil May Cry, it should come as no surprise that Bayonetta feels a lot like Devil May Cry with minor influences from more recent God of War-style games and a much sexier female protagonist. Kamiya demonstrated the game at E3, and there is no question that Bayonetta will provide console gamers with an orgy of carefully choreographed violence that will challenge even skilled gamers to pit Bayonetta's witchly abilities against hordes of demonic foes.

No One Will Cry This Time

Like similar action-rich games, Bayonetta rewards massive hit combos, encouraging players to use every violent move and magical power at their disposal to juggle foes and rack up sequences of uninterrupted strikes. Then, when latched onto foes, Bayonetta can perform special attacks such as hitting specific buttons displayed on the screen to launch a "torture attack." Not only does Bayonetta have access to guns and swords (and the ability to unlock even more exotic weapons through play), but her connection to demonic forces allows her to use the powers of the netherworld to her advantage.

For example, over the course of her rampage, Bayonetta summoned an enormous demonic hand that emerged from the pavement to hurl a car at one of Bayonetta's enemies. She can also enter "witch time," a slow-motion effect that allows her to take her time to carefully slice, dice and shoot surrounding enemies. Bayonetta's supernatural powers grant her such devastating power that her combo damage is measured in megatons and gigatons.

She's Not Afraid to Kick Ass

BayonettaThere's no question that Bayonetta revels in fetishism. Bayonetta struts like a runway model even in the midst of combat, and keeps colossal handguns strapped to her platform heels. Sometimes she bothers to draw those guns, but she's equally happy to just point a shapely leg toward whatever needs large caliber holes in it. She even kicked a demon's ass dozens of times. Literally. She jammed the demon's head into the scenery, then button mashing spurred her to repeatedly kick its ass.

Bayonetta's ass, itself, is a huge visual focus. As the developer said in its own blogs, a lot of time was spent perfecting that ass. During play, Bayonetta's butt is usually at the center of the screen, and as one of the few things that stays in the same place for more than milliseconds, tends to be the thing on which your eyes can rest without getting dizzy.

BayonettaBayonetta looks to be a non-stop battle for everyone interested in continuous combat, stringing massive combinations of attacks against vastly varied supernatural foes. To the accompaniment of engaging music (one level I saw was strongly reminiscent of the Charlie's Angels theme), Kamiya suggests a first play-through of the game (including plenty of deaths) should take around 12 hours, but promises plenty of replayability arising from a tremendous selection of unlockable weapons.

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