Three More Games Reach Xbox Live Arcade

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Microsoft has released three downloadable games through Xbox Live today:
Arkanoid Live! is available from Taito (part of Square Enix) for 800 points ($10), and is a remake of the classic Brick-Out-style game in which players can grab dropped power-ups to eliminate bricks with even more finesse.

Space Invaders Extreme is available for 800 points ($10), also from Taito (part of Square Enix), and is a remake of the classic coin-operated shooter but with new modes of play including a four-person multiplayer mode. The game was developed by Backbone Entertainment.

Zombie Wranglers was developed by Frozen Codebase and published by Sierra Online, and is an action game in which players save a town from a zombie invasion. The game is also available for 800 points ($10).

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