More Games Downloadable Through the PlayStation Network

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Sony has launched a variety of downloadable games this week for the PlayStation 3 and PSP through the PlayStation Network:
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is the premier launch this week. Already available for other platforms, the game can now be downloaded for the PlayStation 3 for $20. As on other platforms, this hybrid puzzle/role-playing game has players venturing through space and engaging in match-3 puzzles to open interstellar gates or battle ships.

Bowling, a version of the game released for the original PlayStation, can now be downloaded for the PSP or the PlayStation 3 for $6.

R-Type Delta is another original PlayStation classic that can be downloaded for the PSP or PlayStation 3 for $6. This shooter has players blasting alien hordes.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! is yet another original PlayStation game that can be downloaded for $6 for the PSP or PlayStation 3. This Spyro game has players battling Ripto and his minions.

Pursuit Force is now available as a download for the PSP for $23. This previously released PSP game has players engaging in high-speed chases and stunts.

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