LocoRoco 2 Review

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LocoRoco 2 Publisher: Sony
Developer: Sony

Platform: PSP
Reviewed on PSP

"Having successfully repelled the Moja invasion, the LocoRoco went back to their harmonious, fun-loving existence, living in peace with the weird and wonderful creatures who share their colorful planet.

"However, unwilling to concede defeat, Bonmucho, the Moja's leader returned home and in cahoots with his evil mother, prepared an even more terrifying attack. Armed with a fearsome sonic weapon – a terrible song that is capable of sucking the life force out of all living things – the Moja are, even now, setting off on a mission to conquer the LocoRoco's peaceful world, intent on changing its joyous tune."

Kyle Ackerman

LocoRoco 2LocoRoco 2 successfully extends the brilliant formula of the original LocoRoco, offering endearing puzzle and platforming action to create something even more engaging than the original game. I can honestly say that nothing so simple and saccharinely sweet has ever entertained me so much.

The LocoRoco games are the platforming personification of the Gaia hypothesis. While the cute, bouncing, singing blobs called "LocoRoco" are the stars of the screen, the hand on the tiller is really the LocoRoco's planet itself, tilting the ground in one direction or another to guide the LocoRoco to grow, prosper and defeat darkly musical aliens. As a result, the vast majority of the game is played with the PSP's two shoulder buttons, causing the world to tilt and bounce.

The Unbearable Cuteness of Being

LocoRoco 2The world of LocoRoco 2 is filled with so many more creatures and so much more joy than even the original LocoRoco managed. Right down to the familiar nonsense songs and the ineffably cute collection of creatures, everything about LocoRoco 2 is designed to bring an innocent smile to your face. Even the evil Moja, who want to suck the very life force from the planet, are oddly endearing and sing a catchy tune.

There are more creatures in LocoRoco 2, and a more detailed and weirder story, but fundamentally, LocoRoco 2 is just more of what made LocoRoco so much fun, fleshed out in even greater detail. Even the mini-games are more extensive, entertaining and thoroughly explored. It felt like there was a bit less of LocoRoco 2, but what was there was even deeper, with more to discover and explore. The few new moves, such as the LocoRoco's ability to swim or jump higher, didn't add a lot to the game, but do extend LocoRoco 2's replayability.

LocoRoco 2Replayability is both LocoRoco 2's strength and weakness. For those who enjoy compulsively finding every last item and securing every unlockable, LocoRoco 2 offers tremendous and (nearly) limitless play. But it doesn't take long to make it through the various platforming levels, at which point you can walk away, occasionally rebooting the game to show the unbelievable freakin' cuteness to friends, or play obsessively until the MuiMui own every conceivable piece of furniture in their house.

Peristaltic Platformer

LocoRoco 2For me, it's the unusual combination of just-short-of-too-cute and sublimely surreal that intrigues me to the point of not putting down the PSP. My favorite moments in both this and the last game are the ones in which the LocoRoco venture through the innards of great beasts. In this case, by causing gastric distress, the LocoRoco cause a giant penguin to fall to the ground in agony, inverting the level and transforming the puzzle. What's truly amazing is that the game has me venturing around the squishy, cilia lined innards of a giant beast, and still wanting to say, "AWWWWwwwwwwww... that's adorable..."

Especially given that LocoRoco 2 is available for $20, it's an amazing and entertaining PSP game appropriate for gamers of all ages. No matter who you are, you aren't too old, grumpy or cynical to find LocoRoco 2 absolutely adorable and easy to enjoy.

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