Nintendo Highlights DSi Store and Wii Storage Options at GDC

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NintendoAt the Game Developers Conference, Nintendo highlighted some of its upcoming plans. In particular, Nintendo emphasized the upcoming (April 5) launch of the DSi and the storage capabilities for the Wii.
The Nintendo DSi will be available shortly, and will feature cameras both inside and outside the shell. It will also include an application that allows users to alter music and recorded sounds. What Nintendo wanted to highlight today was the capability of DSi owners to download games for the DSi through a Nintendo shop. Any user who purchases the DSi and connects to the DSi Shop in the first six months will receive 1,000 Points ($10) for purchasing downloadable DSi applications.

Nintendo also highlighted a variety of upcoming games, including a planned Legend of Zelda game for the DS as well as a WarioWare game specifically for the DSi.

Nintendo also noted that to cope with the need for additional storage space for downloadable Wii applications, the Wii (starting today) will allow users to save games to High Capacity SD cards as well as ordinary SD memory cards. The Wii menu will now sport an "SD Menu" icon when appropriate for users who have saved games to DS Cards. While SD cards will be limited only to their capacity, to play a given game there will need to be enough Wii memory to launch the application, so users may still have to do some shuffling of data.

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