Anderson Joins inXile, Indicating Dire State of Interplay

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Developer inXile Entertainment has hired Jason Anderson as the Creative Director for an unannounced role-playing game. Anderson was one of the original team members on the first Fallout, and while this may be a boon for inXile, it's even more interesting in what it reveals about Interplay.
For years, Interplay has been an empty shell of a publisher, staggering zombie-like and trying to pretend that it is still a functional corporate entity. It sold most of its rights to the Fallout franchise to Bethesda Softworks (producing Fallout 3), but has been (supposedly) working on a Fallout massively multiplayer online game. Anderson has left Interplay, where he was working on an MMOG project dubbed V13 (a reference to Fallout's Vault 13, and obviously Interplays only project. The fact that Anderson has departed Interplay to join inXile suggests that the project at Interplay is dead or that Interplay is unable to pay him due to its dire financial situation.

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