Three More Downloadable Wii Games Are Available

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NintendoYet another Monday strikes, and Nintendo has faithfully released even more downloadable games for the Wii. This week's releases are:
LONPOS is a WiiWare puzzle game from Nintendo that has players trying to fill a rectangular field with pieces of varying sizes and shapes. The game is downloadable for 800 points ($8).

Snowboard Riot from Hudson is available for 1,000 points ($10) and is a snowboard racing game that can be played using the Wii Balance Board in (up to) four-player competition.

Sonic Chaos is a virtual console release – a port of the game released previously for the Sega Master System. For 500 points ($5) players can download this classic game in which Sonic the Hedgehog and his buddy Tails try to collect Red Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Eggman uses them to create nuclear weapons.

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