A First-Person Shooter and Commodore 64 Games Downloadable for the Wii

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NintendoOnce again, Monday has come, and Nintendo continues to release downloadable games for the Wii through its WiiWare and Virtual Console programs. Not only is there a new WiiWare game, this week also marks the debut of classic Commodore 64 ports for the Virtual Console:
Onslaught from Hudson Entertainment is this week's new WiiWare game. It is a science-fiction-themed first-person shooter in which players battle cybernetic insectoid aliens for control over a research colony. For 1,000 points ($10), players can battle alone or with up to three friends.

For 500 points apiece ($5), Wii owners can also download three Commodore 64 games: The Last Ninja, International Karate and Pitstop II. The Last Ninja has players assuming the role of the only ninja not slaughtered by the evil Shogun Kunitoki, seeking revenge. International Karate has players participating in one-on-one karate tournaments, and Pitstop II is a classic racing game that allows two players to compete using a split-screen display.

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