Three More Downloadable Games Available for the Wii

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NintendoNintendo has added another three games to the portfolio of WiiWare and Virtual Console games available for download on the Wii:
Bruiser and Scratch is a new WiiWare title from Steel Penny Games that costs 1,000 points. The game consists of 48 puzzles in the story mode with further puzzles available as additional challenges.

Hockey Allstar Shootout is a WiiWare game from Big Blue Bubble that has players shooting hockey pucks at targets or competing against a goalkeeper in a hockey-style shootout. The game costs 500 points to download.

The final game available today is the Virtual Console version of the Sega game Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This port of the classic platformer allows players to go up against Dr. Eggman as the eponymous hedgehog for 500 points.

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