Four Downloadable Games Released for the Wii

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NintendoAnother four downloadable games have been released on the Wii this week, two through the WiiWare program and two for the Wii Virtual Console:
Forgotten Worlds was originally released for the Genesis by Capcom, and can now be downloaded for the Wii for 800 points. The game has players acting as nameless rebels against the alien occupation of Earth in the distant future (in the form of a scrolling shooter).

Space Invaders: The Original Game is a port of the version released for the SNES, designed to emulate the original coin-operated arcade game, and is available for 800 points.

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 4 - Dangeresque 3 is the fourth installment in the episodic Strong Bad-themed adventure from Telltale Games, this time fulfilling fan fantasies by providing the long-awaited third installment in this mock-action movie franchise. It's available for 1,000 points.

Target Toss Pro: Bags is a beanbag tossing game from Incredible Technologies in which players use the Wii Remote to throw virtual bean bags into holes.

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