Philips Spins Off amBX Business

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Philips has been working to game gamers, developers and publishers to adopt its amBX technology (described as "sensory surround") that extends games further into physical space by adding items like fans and light strips to the portfolio of environmental factors (like sound) that can surround gamers. Now, Philips is taking the amBX division and spinning it off from Philips as amBX UK Limited.
The new amBX will continue to seek to add amBX as a standard to PC and console games, as well as film and music venues. The real question is why Philips spun off the business. Sometimes companies will spin off a successful business to realize current gains (often keeping an interest in that business' future). Other times, a spin-off might just be an effort to get an underperforming business off the books. Given how few gamers have heard of amBX, FI fears the latter might be the case.

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