Nintendo Prepares New Wii Chat Channel and New DS

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NintendoNintendo announced that it will bring a new chat channel to North American Wii users, but also confirmed that it will release a new version of the DS in Japan.
Nintendo plans to launch the Wii Speak channel on November 16. The channel will use a microphone accessory that will be sold for $30 and sits on top of the television. The channel will allow Wii owners who have exchanged friend codes to indulge in audio chat or leave voice messages. During chat, a chosen Mii will mimic your chat.

Nintendo also confirmed that it will release the DSi in Japan. The new version of the DS will have larger screens but will be smaller and lighter than the DS Lite. Reportedly, the DSi will support memory cards, music playback (the supported music formats aren't fully confirmed), and two cameras (one pointed out and one pointed at the user. The DSi will reportedly no longer support GBA games, but will allow for downloadable games using the DSi WiFi connection. The new unit will be released shortly in Japan but won't see North America until at least next year.

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