Every Xbox 360 Needs a Hard Drive, but Buy an Arcade Unit Anyway!

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MicrosoftMicrosoft's efforts to convince more consumers to adopt the Xbox 360 by selling the Xbox 360 Arcade appear to have become problematic. When the "New Xbox Experience" launches on November 19, it will require an absolute minimum of 128 MB of storage space to function (the storage unit is 512 MB), with features such as Netflix viewing using even more storage space. As a result, Microsoft is saying "An Xbox 360 Hard Drive is required to unlock all the great features of the new Xbox 360 Experience..." To compensate, Microsoft has opened a storage upgrade site giving the owners of older (and arcade) consoles access to cheaper refurbished accessories.
The upgrade site is a noble attempt to not screw over users who bought into Microsoft's marketing of the Xbox 360 Arcade console, but emphasizes that Microsoft's decision to drop the hard drive for some consoles to achieve a lower price point was probably a poor one given its future ambitions. The question is: will Microsoft continue marketing the Arcade console while simultaneously proclaiming that everyone needs a hard drive?

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