Electronic Entertainment Expo to Make a Stab at Reclaiming Its Former Glory

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The Entertainment Software AssociationIt's no news that the revised format for the Electronic Entertainment Expo for the last two years has been a bust, and FI is just one of many vocal outlets arguing such. This week, news broke (with conflicting details) from a variety of sources about a return to something like the old spectacle that was the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Today, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) officially confirmed the future status of E3.
E3 will be held in Los Angeles on June 2 through 4 of 2009, and will be an industry event (but the press release implied that the ESA is expanding what it means by "industry" both with respect to attendees and exhibitors). Importantly, this return to spectacle appears to have the support of Electronic Arts, one of the companies responsible for hamstringing the event and turning it into a pale shadow of its former self.

The official statement also had support from Ubisoft. It simply remains to be seen if enough companies will jump back on board to restore E3 (and, by extension, the ESA) to its former power.

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