Xbox 360 Price Drop Becomes Official

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MicrosoftThe official announcement is finally upon us. While it's been astonishingly common knowledge of late that Microsoft would drop prices on the Xbox 360 console, word is now official and public.
The price cut brings the cost of the Xbox 360 Arcade unit (without the hard drive) to $200, the Xbox 360 to $300 and the Xbox 360 Elite to $400.

Microsoft gloated that it was the first to reduce prices on the current generation of consoles to under $200, and that its entry level console is now $50 cheaper than the Wii.


David Gerard said:

Microsoft Japan is already actually paying people to take the machines, with little success. "We hope more people will be able to enjoy Xbox 360," said marketing marketer Takashi Sensui, "and we can stop enjoying quite so many of them. We also have this fine pile of HD-DVD drives ... Wait! Come back!"

Editor Author Profile Page said:

Those HD-DVD drives are great for generating some extra heat around an already toasty console. Too bad there's no more discs to put in them.

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