Life With PlayStation is Live on the PlayStation 3

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PlayStation 3Sony has launched the "Life With PlayStation" feature for the PlayStation 3 today, worldwide.
Life With PlayStation is a feature that was promised by Sony long before the current generation of consoles was released, but that Nintendo delivered (in some form) with the Wii console long ago. Currently, Life With PlayStation has its "Live Channel" that offers worldwide news, weather and live camera images of 60 cities from around the globe. More content is planned for the future (long ago, Sony was promising user-made television channels, video blogs, and so forth.)

Cryptically, Life With PlayStation can be downloaded and accessed by activating the Folding@Home software, which will be active when using Life With PlayStation.

Currently, Life With PlayStation is a pleasant, globe-like interface with real-time weather updates for a limited number of cities. While the cloud patterns that are mapped onto the globe are a welcome feature, the news content is not pre-loaded, so it takes a lot longer to access news than on the Wii (or, say, your personal computer), and weather is available only for a limited number of cities, making it less interesting for those outside one of the globe's very biggest metropolises.

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