It's a Big Day for the PlayStation Store

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Today, Sony has added a huge supply of downloadable content to the PlayStation Store, available for the PlayStation 3 and PSP:
Burnout Paradise PSN is available for $30. This racing (and crashing) game features not only the game released for other consoles, but all the (free) downloadable content packs released so far.

GEON Emotions is an arcade-style game available for $10 that has players racing around the screen to recover pellets and deposit them in other players' goals.

Mega Man 9 is the brand-new Mega Man game presented in the style of the classic 8-bit-action games, and can be purchased for $10.

WipEout HD is available for $20 and is a high-definition installment in this racing franchise that includes tracks from previous games.

Not all the content available from the PlayStation Stores is for the PlayStation 3, although there are also three "Question Packs" for the recently released Buzz! Quiz TV. PSP owners can also purchase a downloadable version of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, the puzzle-themed RPG, and the action/RPG Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade for the PSP.

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