Interplay Relaunches Official Site and Brings Chris Taylor Aboard

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For several years, game publisher Interplay has been dragging itself along with minimal signs of life. Somehow, Interplay has launched a new site and coaxed Chris Taylor (part of the original Fallout team to work with the company again.
As of June 30, the company reported that it had around a third of a million in assets and around two and a quarter million of liabilities. Yet somehow, "The company also announced that Chris Taylor, a game designer who was a part of the original Fallout game development team at Interplay in 1994, has rejoined the company. Taylor will serve as Lead System Designer for "Project V13," the working title of Interplay's next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) currently in development. Taylor joins other original Fallout team members on staff at Interplay's internal game studio, which recently opened an office in Irvine, Calif. Additional development staff members continue to be hired as the project ramps-up."

While we won't attempt to contradict the company's statement, this seems odd. It would make much more sense for anyone to start a new company than to join a shop with as much debt and as many problems as Interplay. A new developer or publisher might even be able to purchase the Interplay name. Yet Taylor will apparently be part of Interplay opening a new office in Irvine, CA.

It also doesn't require much thought to speculate that Project V13 is a Fallout-related massively multiplayer online game. Interplay has retained the right to make such a game (as long as it gets a Fallout MMOG going soon), the company's official announcement focuses on Taylor's Fallout experience and "V13" sounds a lot like "Vault 13."

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