Gravity, Explosions and Machine Forces Now Downloadable for the Wii

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NintendoMonday has arrived, and Nintendo remains consistent, releasing more downloadable game for the Wii. This week, there are two new games (WiiWare games) and one classic re-release (a Virtual Console game):
Art Style: Orbient can be acquired for 600 points and has players manipulating gravity to guide a small star through 50 stages of complex galaxies.

Bomberman Blast from Hudson Entertainment is now downloadable for 1,000 points and adds personalized Miis to the Bomberman party game formula. The game also introduces three items that can be used by shaking the Wii remote.

Super Turrican 2 is this week's Virtual Console release, and for 800 points, Wii owners can play this version of the game released on the SNES. Super Turrican 2 has players fighting back against the Machine's forces, now that they have already nearly destroyed the galaxy.

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