Several Overlord Games Coming in 2009

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Overlord IICodemasters plans to bring new Overlord games to nearly every platform with sequels and variations on the theme all to be released in 2009. Similar to the original game, all of these will cast players as an evil overlord who uses hordes of minions to overwhelm a fantasy world.
Overlord II will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The sequel will allow players to control even more minions as they assault a Roman-themed mythical world. It is currently in development at Triumph Studios.

Overlord: Dark Legend is being developed for the Wii by Climax and will feature the same style of play, but using the Wii remote to control your minions.

Overlord: Minions for the DS is also in development at Climax and has players using the DS stylus to control hordes of minions as players strive to put an end to a cult dedicated to the Dragon Kin.

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