Phantom Moves Technology and Trademarks Around

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Phantom, the folks behind the failed PC-as-console, appear to be engaged in some sneaky financial maneuvers:
Phantom has a storied history. The company started off trying to market a console that was, essentially, a trumped-up PC hidden in a set-top box. The company went so far as to make an impressive showing at a past E3, impressing everyone only with the strong design of its laptop keyboard and mouse setup. Phantom later transformed itself, dropping the idea of a console and planning to market its hardware and game delivery service instead. Despite luring in several high-profile executives, the game service appears to be stillborn.

Now, one entity (Phantom Game Service) has entered into an agreement to purchase the technology and brand assets from another, similar entity (Phantom Entertainment) for an undisclosed price. Phantom Entertainment would retain the rights to manufacture and market the Phantom Lapboard (with the previously mentioned strong design, but that seems unlikely to ever materialize), while Phantom Game Service would acquire valuable assets very cheaply if no other parties bid on the property.

The following is speculation, as Phantom's financial information is poorly disclosed. However, this sounds like a ploy to cheaply transfer the valuable assets of the company to another entity, leaving the lenders and stakeholders of the former company holding the bag for Phantom's considerable debt and other financial baggage. Interesting, eh?

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