"Issue 13: Architect" Coming to Paragon City

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NCsoftNCsoft announced several of the new features that will be coming in the next content expansion for its massively multiplayer online game City of Heroes/Villains, called "Issue 13: Architect."
The Architect expansion will add a major game element: the ability for players to create their own missions and story arcs for other players to experience, determining the nature of the environment, mission objectives, enemies, story and dialogue.

The next issue will also allow characters to take on "day jobs." Essentially, characters will receive benefits during the time they are logged out, based on the location where that character logs out. Someone who logs out in City Hall might work as a City Official, while someone who logs out in the Hospital might be a health care worker.

There will also be the usual new missions, powers (characters can now have shield-related powers) and a merit rewards system. NCsoft even plans to allow players to rent an in-game jet-pack for 30 days (this ability is already available from certain retailers) or purchase access to new costume and power set options.

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