WolfKing's MVP Trooper Mouse Review

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WolfKing's MVP Trooper Mouse Company: WolfKing
Platform: PC

If you spend much time at all playing first-person shooters, real-time strategy games or other games on the PC where response time and mousing precision are critical, then you know how much better off you are with a high-quality mouse than with that thing that came with your PC, or that your brother found in an old drawer. That makes high-end computer mice important for gamers, and WolfKing has thrown its hat into the ring with the MVP Trooper Mouse.

Kyle Ackerman

The WolfKing MVP Trooper Mouse is very explicitly going after that market dominated by companies like Razer and Logitech. In fact, the right-handed design of the MVP Trooper looks very much like the Logitech G5 mouse, but with more buttons and without the ability to adjust the weight of the mouse. And the MVP Trooper is decidedly ready to enter the ring.

The MVP Trooper Mouse supports sensitivities of 800 dpi, 1600 dpi and 2400 dpi, all of which track well, so there's a setting for users of any preference. WolfKing claims the mouse processes its image of the mousing surface at 6.4 megapixels per second with a programmable frame rate of around 7,080 frames per second. And there's no reason to doubt that – the mouse tracked superbly, performing well at all three sensitivities.

What distinguishes the mouse from the competition are its indicators and its "Rapid Fire Switch." While many other mice may have indicators for the sensitivity setting, the MVP Trooper's is astonishingly clear. That's because each of the settings is clearly labeled and indicated by a different color of LED. That makes it easier to tell with the WolfKing what the mouse is set to, particularly if you've slipped while using the mouse and accidentally changed the setting.

The best feature of the mouse (beyond being a professional-level gaming tool) is its Rapid Fire Switch, with an equally clear indicator. A button will change the mouse output so that a single click of the left mouse button will act as one to four clicks in rapid succession. This is so much more convenient than typical first-person shooter tricks like binding pistol shots to the mouse wheel (although you do have to remember to change the setting before navigating on the desktop). The mouse wheel lights up in different colors, depending on the number of clicks selected, so that there's no confusion.

After using the MVP Trooper on a variety of settings with several genres of game, there's no doubt in my mind that it belongs in the top tier of gaming mice. The mouse comes with silver, blue or red accents, and an extra set of Teflon pads in case the first set wears down. The indicators on the MVP Trooper are the best I've seen, and it performs well, making it a good purchase even for $60.

But you're only going to purchase one mouse, so which should you get? The MVP Trooper performs well technically, so it depends on your preferences regarding shape and weight more than anything else. For my tastes, the mouse is a little high and light, although the form fits my right hand nicely. But you won't regret plunking down the cash if you spend much time behind a mouse and the WASD keys while competing against other gamers.

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