Three More Downloadable Games Released for the Wii

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NintendoThis being a Monday, Nintendo has released new downloadable games for Wii users. Today, there are two classic games released for the Virtual Console and one new game released under the WiiWare rubric:
Today's WiiWare game is Major League Eating: The Game from publisher Mastiff. The game costs 1,000 points and has players using the Wii remote to simulate motions relevant to eating competitions, and delaying competitors with digestive moves such as belching and flatulence. The game is structured like a fighting game, but with professional competitive eating as its theme.

Donkey Kong 3, originally released for the NES, has been ported to the Wii. For 500 points, players can spray pesticides at Donkey Kong to force him into the rafters.

Finally, Ninja Commando is being re-released today. This is a port of the NeoGeo vertically scrolling action game, in which three ninjas pursue "the merchant of death known as Spider" (and who happens to own a time machine) through seven historical periods.

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