Digital Extremes Working on PlayStation 3 Port of BioShock

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Take-Two Interactive2K Games, one of Take-Two Interactive's labels, has signed on Developer Digital Extremes to help develop the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock. The PlayStation 3 version of BioShock is scheduled to ship to stores in October.
In case you don't feel like reading the BioShock review, Take-Two Interactive describes the game as "a narrative-driven action experience that allows players to do the impossible as they journey through an amazing, immersive and terrifying world. Caught between powerful forces and hunted down by genetically mutated citizens, the player will come to grips with the mysterious and fascinating world of Rapture, a distinct Art Deco underwater utopia gone mad. BioShock not only challenges players' capacity to adapt and survive, but brings to question their values and commitment to the inhabitants of Rapture. With smart and adaptive AI, no encounter ever plays out the same, while numerous customization options provide gamers with an experience that adapts to their playing style."

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