American Council on Exercise Quantifies Benefit of Wii Sports

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Earlier this year, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) reported on the weight loss effects produced through Dance Dance Revolution. Today, the ACE released information on the health benefits of playing Wii Sports.
A study commissioned from the University of Wisconsin's La Crosse Exercise and Health Program, concluded that while play Wii Sports does not produce as much of a fitness benefit as actually playing the real sport, it burns more calories than playing a sedentary video game. Now, for the slightly less obvious results: Wii Boxing was determined to produce the most benefit of the Wii Sports games, burning 216 calories in 30 minutes. The other Wii Sports activities burned fewer calories. In 30 minutes, Wii Tennis burned 159 calories, Wii Baseball burned 135, Wii Bowling burned 117 and Wii Golf burned 93.

The study is based on the activities of 16 participants (eight men and eight women) between the ages of 20 and 29.

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