Three Downloadable Games Released for the Wii

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As the calendar has once again swung around to Monday, Nintendo is releasing three more downloadable games for the Wii.
This week's original game, launched under the WiiWare umbrella, is My Pokemon Ranch. Developed by Nintendo, the game costs 1,000 points and allows Pokemon and Wiis to interact with one another, taking pictures all the while. The game can be linked up with Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl to allow owners of those DS games to deposit their hard-won pokemon within My Pokemon Ranch.

Nintendo has also released two more virtual console games. Bio Miracle Bokutte UPA was originally released for the NES in 1988 in Japan. The game is a platformer in which you can inflate enemies to defeat them, but can also use inflated enemies as platforms to ride or jump on.

Speaking of inflating enemies, Dig Dug has also been released for the Wii Virtual Console. This version is a port of the version released on the NES, and has players drilling through geological substrates and inflating the vicious monsters that dwell deep underground.

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