RealGames Jumps to Conclusions About Smokers

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Sometimes surveys can get awfully silly. PopCap has been surveying casual gamers, coming to all sorts of conclusions about their preferences, but RealGames didn't want to be left out of the picture. So they've determined that smokers like to play hidden picture games.
Educated readers know that correlations aren't always causal. In other words, if four out of five dentists are wearing red polo shirts when interviewed, that doesn't mean that all dentists prefer polo shirts, or that most dentists' favorite color is red.

RealGames, part of RealNetworks, argues that casual games positively impact lifestyle choices because "42% agree playing casual games provides a positive distraction from smoking..." RealGames also pointed out that smokers tend to play casual games at times they would otherwise catch a quick smoke, and that hidden picture games are the most popular among smokers. Unfortunately, RealGames' results seem to be stretching correlations a lot further than their competitors.

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