PlayStation Network Moves to Compete With Xbox Live on Wednesday

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PlayStation 3Earlier this month, Sony taunted us with promises that a PlayStation firmware update would include trophies and other Xbox Live-like functionality. Sony has confirmed additional details, and surprised us by promising that update on July 2 – two days from now.
When the v2.40 update is released on July 2, it will offer both trophies and access to the XMB (XrossMediaBar) from within games.

In-game XMB access is a big deal because PlayStation 3 owners are tired of having to quit out of a game to interact with friends or download additional content. Now those can be done without quitting the game currently in-play. The update will also support the ability for developer to allow you to play your music while playing the games they create. Finally, the XMB update adds Google search functionality, as the recent PSP update did.

Trophies are even more exciting for PlayStation 3 owners jealous of Xbox 360 gamers and their achievements. Certain in-game accomplishments will award a virtual trophy that can be shared with other gamers (for gloating purposes). Gamers will receive a "Level-basis" rank that will depend on the trophies they have earned, presumably to offer a gamerscore alternative. Unfortunately, the only (first-party) games that have already been released that will support trophies are Warhawk and Pain. Future games, however, should support the feature.

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