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NecroVisioN Publisher: 1C
Developer: The Farm 51

Platform: PC
Official Site:

The War to End All Wars is raging, and a young, American soldier has joined the British army to get a taste of the trenches. But the front lines of 1916 are hardly the place for a young man to find himself. They are, however, an excellent place to find enemy Germans, insane allies, vampires and demons. Only by absorbing some of those demonic powers can this young man defeat the evil that lurks beneath the senseless waste of life that sprawls across Europe.

Projected Release: Third Quarter of 2008
Kyle Ackerman

I always imagined the meeting that produced the game BloodRayne to be a caffeine-fuelled affair, in which game designers shouted across a table at one another, "No! Nazis just aren't enough! We need vampires! Vampires killing Nazis! Yes! A sexy vampire killing Nazis in league with the undead! We have a game!" Imagine if that meeting went another way.

Picture, perhaps, a smoky basement, somewhere in Eastern Europe with men starting calmly, "Let's make a first-person shooter... perhaps it could be set in the trenches of World War I." Then someone excitedly pounds a fist on the table and shouts, "Yes! Trench warfare... but we need vampires!" Followed by someone else taking the ball: "World War I vampires... I like it. But after working up from German infantry and vampires, we need something bigger... How about Demons and Cthuloid monstrosities? And the hero will need magical powers and anachronistic firepower! It could work!"

NecroVisioN feels like it came out of a meeting like that. Maybe a meeting like that right after people had been playing Painkiller. NecroVisioN is a first-person shooter for the PC scheduled for release late this year, and I had a chance to play through a large chunk of NecroVisioN's trench warfare.

Clearly, developer The Farm 51 has a lot of story to tell, as the opening to NecroVisioN involved a lot of exposition. I started as the sole American in a unit of British infantry, preparing to face the Germans when my entire battalion was quickly wiped out by gunshots or gas. Taking shelter in a bunker, I found myself trapped with the only other survivor. I was wounded and unarmed. He was a raving lunatic and brandishing a rifle. Soon afterward, the only other survivor of the massacre came to an untimely end, out of sheer self-preservation. That left me, alone with a rifle, to face the onslaught of German soldiers busy cleaning up the trenches.

I liked that in NecroVisioN, you always have your hands full... with weapons. When I wasn't using a rifle (or similar two-handed weapon), I always had something in each hand, be it a pistol and a knife, handgun and dynamite or just pistols akimbo. And when I did have a rifle, there was always the option to stab enemies with my bayonet or knee them in close quarters. It was particularly satisfying to run through the greenish gas that saturated the trenches, a pistol in each hand, gunning down enemies while peering through the two restrictive lenses of my gas mask.

I got brief glances at some of the promised content for NecroVisioN. The trenches are really just a prologue. Your character ventures first into a vampire lair, and when those predatory undead are defeated, moves on to face demons and fantastic creatures. To do so, he acquires over-the-top weapons and a glove that imbues him with mystical powers, allowing players to use spells alongside firearms.

The developer still has time to polish and finish localization, but the game already has flashy spell effects and explosions with which to meet gruesome enemies, and a plot that's so far over-the-top, players will be wondering if they've gone all the way around the vessel and are peering, once more, at the bottom. NecroVisioN promises to be a good time for everyone, but will be particularly exciting for FPS-fans who enjoy colossal boss battles and hordes of creatures to be slaughtered with impossibly large weapons.

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